• Air Duct and System Cleaning Services

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems have been shown to collect a variety of contaminants such as fungi, mold, dust, and bacteria that potentially can affect the general health of anyone living in the home. The removal of such contaminants in the air ducts and system should be one component of improving your home’s indoor air quality.

  • Numerous factors can increase the need to have your air ducts system cleaned and maintained in your home.

    Some of these factors are:
    *Pets in the home
    *Water damage to the home
    *Home remodeling or renovation
    *New home/building construction

    Children and elderly tend to be the most sensitive to having inadequate indoor air quality, and that should be considered when you are thinking about whether or not these cleaning services could benefit the air quality in your home.

    Air duct and system cleaning can help alleviate these potential issues as well as help your system perform more efficiently.
    Heath Chimney Services offers different cleaning services based on the level of cleaning that is needed in your air ducts and system. We follow the NADCA recommendations for service cleanings and inspections based on contaminants present, which can widely vary from general dust and pet hair to construction debris and mold.  Your service technician can advise you on the level of cleaning service required upon inspection and recommend the service that will help resolve any issues with your indoor air quality that you are currently experiencing.