• Chimney Repairs

  • Chimney Relines

    Relines are accomplished by removing the damaged liner and replace it with a new, continuous-stainless steel chimney liner. Several factors will determine if a chimney will need to be relined. The most common factor is after a chimney fire in the flue system caused by a rapid increase in temperature within the chimney liner that exceeds the limitations of the liner system. Another factor would be water intrusion inside the chimney flue. Over time, water deteriorates mortar joints and the flue liner. Lastly, sudden or storm damage that has compromised the integrity of the liner system would be a common cause for a chimney to be relined.

  • Masonry Fireplace Repairs

    Repairs can range from minor mortar joint repairs to complete change outs and rebuilds to include upgrades to a more efficient fireplace. The most common masonry fireplace repairs are typically tuck pointing and firebrick replacement inside the firebox.  

  • Manufactured Fireplace Repairs

    Repairs can be replacing minor components such as spark screens and refractory panels as well as complete change outs and upgrades of the appliance. Manufactured fireplaces are most common in new construction projects and reconstruction or remodeling projects. 

  • Masonry Repairs

    These repairs would include removing deteriorated and loose mortar joints and repointing (also called tuck pointing) new mortar between the brick/stone work. Strategic replacement of individual pieces of the masonry chimney can be completed or entire reconstruction of the masonry structure.

  • Waterproofing and Leak Resolution

    Leak resolution repairs can be as simple as replacing a chimney vent cap or a leaking chase cover. Depending on the external structure of your chimney, this can include cleaning the chimney surface and applying a waterproofing application. For manufactured chimneys, this often will require removing the damaged siding and trim along with any other interior structure that has rotted due to water intrusion. Once these damaged materials have been removed, a new water barrier, siding, and trim is installed.

  • Chimney Caps

    Chimney caps, also called a rain cap or vent cap, are designed to prevent debris from collecting inside the chimney liner and keep animals out of the chimney. Chimney caps also act as a spark arrestor to keep hot embers from reaching the roof of the house. Caps are removable for cleaning and maintenance and can cover a single chimney flue or multiple flues depending on the chimney system.

  • Fireguard Ceramic Resurfacing

    Heath Chimney Services offers a ceramic resurfacing system that repairs the interior of chimney liners to resolve cracks and fracture lines in the flue tiles. This system, called Fireguard, is applicated by our trained technicians using custom tools and techniques. Fireguard offers the highest fire rating in the industry of over 3,000 degrees and has a lifetime transferrable warranty.