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    Ask us how you can save by combining a Heating/Cooling Air Duct cleaning with your chimney inspection.

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  • Appointment Preparation

    We are often asked how our customers can prepare for our visit. Here are some things you can do:

    • Clear the area around your fireplace or stove of any fragile or valuable items.
    • Provide a clear path from all doorways, inside and out, to the fireplace or stove.
    • Do not use your fireplace or stove for 24 hours prior to the visit so it has time to cool down.
    • If you can remove any hot coals or ashes, that will help with the cool-down process.

    Be assured that our techs will bring all cleaning items needed, such as vacuums, shoe coverings, cloth and plastic coverings. We take pride in being clean and respectful of your property during our visit.