• Chimney Sweep Service

  • The traditional ways of sweeping a chimney and fireplace are no longer used - where you have the chimney sweep push rods and brushes from roof level down your chimney. The new, modern methods of chimney sweeping can be performed from inside your home at the opening of your fireplace. This includes rotary cleanings with different applications to insure the most thorough cleaning process with the most effective outcome when the service is completed. For harsher types of creosote, i.e. glazing, the sweeping methods will need to consist of mechanical and even chemical processes to be used.

  • Prior to the start of the sweeping process, we take every precaution to protect your living space around the fireplace or appliance from ash or soot. We cover the area outside the fireplace or appliance with drop cloths and use the latest, most powerful vacuums designed for our industry with a triple filter system so no small particle debris travels out into your home during the sweeping process. We install a mechanical drafting system at the top of your chimney to draw the air from inside the fireplace or appliance out to the open air above the roof level.

  • Once the sweeping is completed and no ash or soot is left in your chimney and is removed from your fireplace, we remove all the debris to be discarded by our professionals and get your living area around your fireplace or appliance as it was when we arrived. No mess, no fuss- just a clean fireplace or appliance left behind for you to enjoy.

    If you need chimney sweep services, call us at 256-832-0205, or use the Contact Form.