• Vermont Castings Intrepid Stove

  • Heath Chimney is an Authorized Alabama Dealer of the Vermont Castings Intrepid wood burning stove with FlexBurn Technology. This model is perfect for small and medium rooms.

  • Features

    Load wood from the top.

    Remove ashes when stove is hot with swing-out ash pan.

    Longer burn times with thermostat-controlled combustion temperature.

    Cast-iron griddle for stove top cooking.

    Finishes: red, brown, gray, black.

    Eligible for federal tax credit with optional Catalytic Performance Pack.

  • Specifications

    Heating Area: 600 to 1,800 ft2
    Burn Time: 8 hours
    Max Heat Output: 37,000 BTU/h
    Recommended Log Length: 14"

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